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wholesale dried poppy pods.Making homemade potpourri is simple. Discover how to make your own potpourri at home with dried flowers and herbs from your yard.

My floral garden is one of my greatest loves! Every year, I raise a huge variety of flowers.

I make bouquets out of freshly cut flowers every week throughout the growing season to bring a little bit of my garden indoors. I adore having their beauty, fragrance, and that tiny bit of nature’s best around in my house.wholesale dried poppy pods

Similar to how I dread every year when my flower plants perish at the conclusion of the growth season, The same fear drove me to learn how to make homemade potpourri out of my blooms at the end of the season a few years ago.

Potpourri has its roots in the French tradition of hanging dried flowers in bowls throughout homes. There are now many dried flowers, herbs, fruits, pods, spices, and essential oils in the mixture. In bowls, people exhibit it to beautify and smell their houses.

STORE-BOUGHT POTPOURRI VS. HOMEMADE POTPOURRI Store-bought potpourri is pricey and frequently loses its aroma more quickly than I would like. Additionally, I’ve discovered that store-bought kinds frequently don’t have the flower or filler combinations I want.

Making potpourri at home is quite easy to learn, and it enables me to change a gloomy conclusion into a unique and amazing beginning!

I can make aromatic and lovely potpourri that is specific to my cherished garden by drying my withering blooms, herbs, fruits, and pods.

Add drops of the matching oil to your potpourri¬†any time you want to make it smell stronger. Other tips for preserving the scent: Gently move your potpourri around in its container every so often. If it’s in a sachet, squeeze the bag once in awhile to release the scent.



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