After the pandemic for the safety of all, We follow NON REFUND POLICY

Using our website means that you have completely understood and agreed to terms and conditions mentioned below.

* Contract of Product supply or Services:

The displayed products (goods) on the website amounts to an invitation treat only and there is not an offer to sell products or services at mentioned prices.No product supply contract will be deemed valid between driedpoppyheads and user unit unless order acceptance and payment made confirmation done by email.

The confirmation via email will be considered as acceptance by Driedpoppypodheads of your willingness to buy goods or services from Driedpoppypods and this acceptance is valid regardless of whether or not you received the mail.

Driedpoppypodheads are free to withdraw from a prospective contract at any time before its acceptance.
Said statement also applies in any error or inaccuracy, the description mentioned regarding products or services and availability of products or services, or complete order itself (or partial order) any.
Rates and availability information is subject to change without any prior notice or information.

* Site Information:
Driedpoppypodheads intends to display its contents on an “As Is” Basis (in some cases images could be different) and not makes any type of representations or warranties of any kind regarding products (goods or services) or contents.

Driedpoppypodheads disclaims all related warranties and representations, for example warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular mentioned purpose.

Driedpoppypodheads does not represent or warranty that the mentioned and displayed information via the website is current, complete, and precise.

* Payment:
We accept payments via Visa / MasterCard credit/debit cards & direct bank transfer, pro forma invoice will be sent to you soon.

* Processing of orders:
Pay-pal order will proceed once the confirmation mail is received by pay-pal.

Credit/debit cards will be Charged (debited) before an order will be shipped or before activation of services by Driedpoppypodheads.

Bank Transfer orders will not proceed until the funds got received in the bank account.

*International Buyer:

Import Duty/Custom Duty,Import Permit, Taxes, Clearance, Quarantine,Storage Charges and Other Charges are not included in the item price and buyer will responsible for these issues. Please check customs law before order. In some case we can ask you for some existing client’s reference.

* Limitation of Liability:

Except as specifically mentioned on website, neither Driedpoppypodheads nor any of directors, sub directors, employees or other direct or indirect representative will be liable for damages arising out of or in -connection with the use of this website.

This is comprehensive limitation of all the liability that applies to all and any kind of damage without any limitation compensatory, indirect, direct or consequential damages, data, income, profit or loss, property damage and claim of concerned or indirect parties

* Illegal Acts:

It is illegal and criminal offence to use the false identity for user as well as for on-line payments.
Anybody found intends of purchasing or placing order intentionally with fictitious details. Following details will be forwarded to concerned authorities for further investigation and prosecution.

As per International security measures we trace ‘ELECTRONIC FINGERPRINTS’ of the all the orders placed shared with all legitimate crime prevention and prosecution authorities to track such elements who are enrolled in such operations on our website.

* Changes in Terms:

Driedpoppypodheads reserves the right to modify these terms &conditions at any time without prior notice to existing or non-existing users. Any & All modification of said terms & conditions will be effective from the date of the publication on Driedpoppypodheads web site.

*Our Statutory obligation to all our customers worldwide

Our beautiful ornamental dried flowers and / or decorative foliage are sold worldwide for floral displays and designs as fillers and for visual gratification, purchasing from constitutes binding contract (agreement)with and acceptance of these terms and conditions and release Driedpoppypodheads it’s owners/ affiliates from all direct or in-direct liability. This does not affect your consumer rights. We reserve the right to change our policies without notice and to refuse service to anyone. Thank You for understanding.

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