BASIC Dried Craft Bulbs

Very Special Turkish Dried poppy Bulbs.
Top of the class


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dried poppy pods.

Very Special Turkish Dried Bulbs.
Hand-Picked & Finely sorted.
Top of the class DECORATION PODS.
Versatile usage


Dried poppy pod heads: 2.5 kg Value Pack!  (This is equivalent to 5.5 lbs.)

Save big when you buy 2.5 kg 

These special 2.5 kg Value Packs come out to just $465!  And free shipping is now included for all Value Packs of our premium poppy pods! In Stock. Pricing in USD.

These premium dried poppy pods are of the finest quality, and make stunning additions to wreaths, floral arrangements, or potpourri.  Our pods are not treated with any finish or dyes, and are therefore suitable for any project.  They are mostly medium to large in size, and come without stems.

(Wheat stalks not included — shown here as a decorative suggestion only.)

These excellent quality untreated dried Poppy pods are great for all craft and decorative needs. Each order will contain a mixture of medium and large, high quality pods, to suit all types of floral arrangements.

The pods are sold by weight and the image is for illustration purposes only.

Free shipping to most parts of the USA.

We aim to ship all orders within one working day of the order being placed.

For more information on how our orders are shipped please click the ‘Shipping’ tab.


Additional information


175 pcs- 0.5 kgs (1.120 lbs) 1 pack, 365 pcs- 1 kg (3.300 lbs) 2 pack, 550 pcs- 1.5 kgs (3.300 lbs) 3 pack, 730 pcs- 2 kgs (4.409 lbs) 4pack

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  1. Baldeep singh

    they delivered on time i appreciate

  2. surjit singh

    thanks i received my package yesterday im so happy

  3. kanwar pal singh

    Here in the UK I thought we had the best then I tried you guys, honestly you guys are the best.

  4. manjit singh

    I’m happy with the way everything turned out and I received my order of dried poppy pods unwashed, such good stuff I hope to order again soon

  5. jeeta ving

    Still shocked that it came this far, at first I thought it was a scam, you guys are the best

  6. jasbir singh

    i am so super happy this works out i just received my order

  7. guri Singh

    omg i just receive my order i will definitely order more

  8. Ravinder Singh

    The quality is topnotch and also excellent delivery services

  9. nirmal Singh

    It feels good get your product delivered ASAP here000000000000000000000000000000000

  10. Robert Cooper

    Hopefully we will do more business together.

  11. HarinderSingh

    This really helped with my anxiety thank you

  12. manjit kaur

    Very affordable and accessible

  13. Gagandeep Grewal

    my order came through delivery smooth

  14. kawal kaur

    They Have Quality and time efficiency

  15. Rajat Verma

    Good service next time i will order double

  16. Jim Harrop

    Product on point

  17. Satpreet Singh

    I prefer ordering in large quantities so that i can spend less on shipping fee

  18. Damanjit Singh

    Good deals only

  19. Joban Bhangu

    this is how you deliver no delays and quality still in tact

  20. Prabhjot Uppal

    i made a good choice odering from you thanks

  21. Lakwinder Toor

    no regrets no worries the packagecame fast

  22. vardeep singh

    there is always somebody to attend to you ..this is what i love about the service here

  23. lovepreet Singh

    I appreciate your services.

  24. kultardeep singh

    I’m glad I got money’s worth, will definitely order more

  25. Sumandeep Dhaliwal

    القرون جرو المجففة بأسعار معقولة جدا

  26. sheldon levine

    Ordered all the from Canada, and delivery time was respected

  27. matthens voiles

    Quality is top-notch

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