Long bouquet lavander

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What do you do with a bouquet of dried lavender?


What can you do with a dried lavender bouquet?
photo of a dried lavender bouquet
As a rustic home decoration, combine dried lavender with other garden flowers to create bouquets. Buds of dried lavender should be removed from the stems and placed in sachet bags. Lavender sachets can be placed under pillows to promote sleep or in drawers and wardrobes to ward off clothing moths.

How long does dried lavender last?
When dried, most lavender will retain a potent scent for a full season, but with proper storage and care, you can prolong that duration by up to ten years.

Does dried lavender still smell?

Does dried lavender retain its aroma?
Lavender that has been dried typically retains its wonderful scent for a season. Longer-lasting lavenders include Lavandula x intermedia ‘Grosso,’ which has a higher oil content. To release the smell from the flowers, squeeze or crush them.

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Can mold grow on dried lavender?
Careful considerations when keeping lavender

It needs to dry thoroughly for two to three weeks. When the blooms and leaves are sharp and begin to come off the stems, it is sufficiently dry. If you store it before it is completely dry, the moisture will lead to the growth of mold, which may ruin your flowers.

Why does my dried lavender not smell?



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