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Can fresh and dried flowers be combined?
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Our inspiration shoot had an incredible textured look because to the combination of fresh and dried flowers. To produce a different appearance, there are also bleached flowers and greenery. We utilized bleached Italian rusus, bleached baby’s breath, dried ranunculus blossoms, dried strawflower, dried bunny tail grass, and dried.wholesale dried flowers USA

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Do wilted flowers still have toxins?
First, Flowers

What feature do these flowers all share? They’re attractive, so fresh and dried flower bouquets are likely to include them. They are still deadly when they are dry. Ignore them.

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How long are dried flowers good for?
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In most cases, dried flowers can last for a year with proper care. However, bleaching and dyeing flowers might help them survive longer.

Can genuine and artificial flowers be combined in a bouquet?
the picture
Combining artificial and real flowers will be much easier to pull off if you start with a color scheme that is true to nature. Think about real touch flowers if you want flowers that feel as lifelike as they appear. Even the sharpest touch and sight can be misled by them.

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Do stale flowers go moldy?
Dried flowers are susceptible to pests, illnesses, and powdery mildew just like their living counterparts. Although this mildew may not injure the already-dead flowers, it is ugly and may prompt people to throw away once-beautiful blooms.


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