We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the highest quality, very best dried poppy pods available. We also offer premium dried sage and lavender, and occasionally dried cones, and dried lotus pods. Whether you are crafting, creating DIY potpourri or dried floral arrangements, acquiring accents for your photography, providing a classy touch of ambiance […]


Hi everyone, Since we have launched the site we have been busy looking at new products and improvements we can make here. Expect to see a website overhaul and some new content being added soon. If there is any way we could make ordering easier or a product you would like us to stock please […]


Hi everyone, Thank you for visiting the driedpoppyheads.com. We would like to offer our customers a chance to save money. If you refer a friend to us and they place an order you will receive a 10% refund from your last order. All you have to do is email us the name of your friend, […]

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