We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the highest quality, very best dried poppy pods available. We also offer premium dried sage and lavender, and occasionally dried cones, and dried lotus pods.

Whether you are crafting, creating DIY potpourri or dried floral arrangements, acquiring accents for your photography, providing a classy touch of ambiance for your a wedding or social event, or creating unique works of art, we believe that product quality is key. Therefore, we will always promise to provide you with the very best quality dried poppy pods, lavender, and sage.

To this end we are continually looking far and wide for the best quality dried poppy pods and other products. We meet with farmers and vendors and carefully inspect our product upon delivery to ensure that we can say to every customer that we offer you our products with pride, and under the quality brand of the NQM.

On top of all this — and with true dedication to our customers’ satisfaction — we try to optimize affordable product for our customers in combination with superior quality. This is especially evident in our 2.5 kg Value Pack of dried poppy pods that we offer.

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